Famous the World Round

potato on ground awaits harvest in tulelake, CA.  photo by anders tomlinson.
Where would we be without food and where would food be without water?
An acquaintance of Anders emailed, in the late 2000′s, that a Chilean potato shed office computer’s screen-saver displayed a tule-lake.com Tulelake potato harvest image. It is indeed a small world and potatoes have become an integral part of the global food supply. It is the world’s fourth-largest food crop, following maize, wheat and rice.

Potato seed being planted into Tule Lake Basin soil.  tulelake, ca.  photos by anders tomlinson
It All Begins With Potato Seeds Into The Ground

Potato field photos from a single palant to potatoes ready to be picked up.  Tule Lake Basin potatoes, tulelake, ca.  photos by anders tomlinson.
Water, Sun and Healthy Soil Helps A Potato Grow

composite of four  tule lake basin potato harvest photos.  tulelake, ca. photos by anders tomlinson
From the Ground Into Potato Trucks

a farm worker uses hand signs to help a potato truck backing up to a tule lake basin potato shed. tulelake, ca. photos by anders tomlinson.
A Potato Truck Backups to a Potato Shed

Conveors take the potatoes from the truck through multiple quality control checks on their way to a potato shed for storage.  Tule Lake Basin, tulelake ca,  photos by anders tomlinson.
Potatoes Travel Along Conveyors – Quality Control Is Job One.

potato enter a potato storage shed via a conveyor.  the shed fills up.  tule lake basin, tuelake, ca.  photos by anders tomlinson.
A Time to Travel, A Time For Storage

Potato packing shed, Ca-Ore, in tulelake, Ca.  Photos by anders tomlinson.re
Potatoes Arrive At The Packing Shed When Market Demands Dictate

Potatoes are put in boxes and bags.  potato packing shed, tulelake, Ca.  photos by anders tomlinson.nd
Out The Door in Boxes and Bags to Stores and Dinner Tables

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