Another Day of Wonders

Anders Tomlinson is a direct descendent of cave painters and drummers.
Welcome to the creative world of Anders via this cyberspace terminal linking to Anders websites and projects: including his art and art films at, several visits to Alamos,Sonora, Mexico, his insight into the Klamath River Watershed and an in-depth portrait of Tulelake and surroundings. Last, but not least, are his Video Channels.

Whenever Anders is asked who he is, he answers, “I am a direct descendent of the cave painter and drummer, a traveler on the third stone from the sun and a simple soul in a complex world… but aren’t we all?” When asked how he is doing,
he responds, “I am at the top of my game.”

Enjoy and feel free to visit again, there is much to see, hear and contemplate.

©2013 Anders Tomlinson, all rights reserved.